Precedent Metallic Bodies  $500.00

CLUB CAR Single Point Watering System $250.00

Club Car Lift Kit with Tires and Wheels $800.00 - $1,200.00

WetSound Bluetooth Soundbar with Remote $650.00

Precedent (Molded Body)  $350.00

Add $75.00 for LED headlight

Fold down rear seat $450.00 add Extended canopy top for $300.00 (Black, White or Beige)

HOMELINK Garage Door Opener $200.00

Factory lights Precedent $400.00 (headlights and tail lights) add $200.00 for brake lights and horn

Grab bar for rear seat kit $50.00

Add removable double golf bag holder for $125.00

ALPHA Bodies with LED headlights and taillights $1,000.00

Club Car Premium High-Back Seats $600.00

Accessories that can be added to our cars

10"- 12"- 14" Custom Wheels and Tires $300.00 - $600.00

Add 2" receiver hitch for $75.00

JUSTICE GOLF CAR COMPANY Family owned and operated since 1959

Club Car Premium Seats $535.00

CLUB CAR Tire Pressure Monitor $130.00

‚Äč  Oklahoma distributor for                       since 1977